Our Story

I once read that the word “passion” was a favorite of the late actress, Elizabeth Taylor. I’ve always believed in the importance of following your passion and am excited to pursue mine – to explore my creativity and interest in design with my love of yarn, fabric, texture and color.

I learned to sew and knit at a young age and have always been interested in working creatively. I loved the idea that I could create anything that I could imagine. This, combined with an early interest in fashion and making my own clothes, was the first step in discovering my passion.
After graduating from college with a Business degree, I began my career working for one of the largest Silicon Valley technology companies. Never forgetting my interest in fashion, I attended Fashion Design courses on the side.

Over the years, I wondered how I could combine my business acumen with my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit – all I needed was that ‘idea’. It was at my cousin Nicole’s outdoor wedding when the idea came to me.

This particular ‘summer’ day was unseasonably cool. After the wedding photos were taken and the reception began, I noticed Nicole wearing her new husband’s tuxedo jacket draped over her shoulders. Needless to say, her beautiful wedding gown was covered up with an oversized, black jacket.

Following the wedding, I thought about how formal attire for a man includes a shirt, vest and jacket. Women, on the other hand, wear their formal dress or gown with nothing worn over it. In socializing my ‘idea’, I heard many similar stories about unexpected cool weather affecting spring or summer weddings as well as special events any time of the year.

My ‘idea’ was born and this is how I began to pursue my passion.

Allesandra Designs creates original, handloomed and hand-finished couture like apparel for bridal, formal and social occasion marketplace. The stylish pieces will keep you warm (or covered up for religious ceremonies or modesty reasons) while still allowing your beautiful dress or gown to be highlighted.